Wrestling Fight Camp Explained

WFC 1  (Wrestling Fight Camp 1)  is a pre-season clinic/ camp designed to shake off the rust from the off season.  Unlike other clinics, we will not spend a lot of time learning 18 different ways to finish a front head lock.  We will go over some basic positions from neutral, bottom, and top, drill those positions,  then put the wrestlers in those positions and go live.  After the drilling, live situational session, we will "get after it"  with live wrestling. There will be several coaches there to walk around, encourage, correct, and teach the wrestlers.  If you would like to attend and help, feel free to give me a call or text.  

     Emery McReynolds, was a Kansas state champion and an All American for coach Joe Renfro.  After wrestling, Emery trained for Mixed Martial Arts competitions and still helps train other fighters.  Emery will bring a unique "fight camp" mentality to the room.  It should be a blast for the wrestlers.  The tee shirts will be legit!!!  In a few months, before Tulsa Nationals, we will hold WFC 2.  Sure to be a hard core, no slack, get after it, change your wrestling event!!!  So stay tuned.